Silver moving further into Esports and away from Trickshotting!

Mon 3rd Jul 2017 - 10:49am : Gaming

On June 29th, 2017, Silver Sanction officially made a business decision that had been in the works in the background for some time. This business decision involved Silver Sanction becoming more focused on Esports, growing the strength of our Overwatch, Street Fighter, and Smash 4 players, along with expanding into other games. 

It is quite an exciting time for Silver, but unfortunately this shift in focus would include the ending of our trickshotting team. We appreciate that this is where we started, and this is what was seen as the foundation of Silver, but we feel like this is a step in the right direction. The esports staff has been working very hard behind the scenes, establishing connections and networking with a lot of great people within the Esports community. 

Greyson “Gibshome” Gibson, the Public Relations Director for Silver Sanction, told me about how he feels about the changes Silver have made:

“The Trickshotting team at Silver was a unique and cool way to put new people and new ideas to work, but sadly times have changed and it just isn’t what it used to be. Here at Silver, we believe in innovation. We want to be the best at the games we compete in and with new games and new opportunities knocking at our door, The TS Team was just an aspect we didn’t seem fit for anymore.”

The entire staff had the same mindset. Even though trickshotting is something we all cared about, we all knew that Esports was the best direction to move towards, and now is the best time to make this change.

COO of Silver Sanction, “Mizey”, told me about how he felt about the trickshotting community and how he feels about moving forward with esports:

“As someone who once was apart of the trickshotting community for 4 years, it’s sad to leave the scene, but trickshotting is fading away and esports is thriving. Silver will forever be in debt to the trickshotting and sniping community for helping Silver get to where it is today. Thank you so much! On another note, this is a very exciting time for Silver as we have already had some success in esports these last few months but it is time to take this success to the next level! Enjoy the ride fans!”

Owner and CEO, Notes, had worked alongside the trickshot side for several months. He also however felt it was the right time to make the decision of dropping the trickshotting side and focusing more on the content creators and esports division:

“The trickshotting side has been brilliant from the very beginning and made what Silver is today. To make more progress and grow even more, I am afraid changes had to made. This move to focusing purely on content and competing within eSports is for the better of the team. It means we can carry on with that growth and venture into new and exciting times. I am personally very excited about the move, you fans will all get to see a new side of Silver. A side that will be finding success and growth in different areas. We hope to not only introduce many of the supporters of Silver to eSports, but also gain a good amount of following who will support Silver when we are competing against the biggest names in eSports. I hope many of you are as excited as I am, and hope to see as many of you supporting this move and understanding this as a great opportunity for us!”

In terms of the current Silver and who we will be wanting to carry on working with, we are proud to keep links tied close with our current team of Directors, Streamers, members of our CS:GO Frag Team & finally some members of our editing team who will be working hard on creating new and fresh content for the Silver channel. The channel will still be kept active and will be full of great content, ranging from CS:GO frag movies, to entertaining videos from our content creators. In terms of designers, we will be launching our new design team very soon.

We have experienced countless great memories with the trickshot community. It only takes a bit of scrolling down on the Silver youtube to appreciate how much we have achieved during our time. We will always be grateful to our followers during the early days, no matter what direction we head into and where we find ourselves. Over the next couple weeks there will be some huge announcements, stay tuned for them all. 

Big thanks to all our sponsors for all the support and look forward to the future with you all! Another big thank you to Francis "Frankie" Pepe, one of our journalists who helped write this amazing article announcing this big occassion for Silver.






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