Silver Stream Team!

Wed 15th Feb 2017 - 5:35pm : General

A full team of talented streamers who are all on air DAILY and play a variety of different games!

Find the full team below:

*Myth Centro Twitter Twitch (Head of Streaming)

Silver Norris Twitter Twitch 

Silver SyKo Twitter Twitch 

Silver Prophecy Twitter Twitch 

Silver Stance Twitter Twitch

Silver Freeksterr Twitter Twitch 

Silver Hitman Twitter Twitch 

Silver's Channel Stream Schedule:

Feb 20-26

Feb 27-Mar 7


Feb 13th-Feb 19th

Monday 20th SyKo 9am-4pm EST

Monday 27th: Freeksterr 3-8 pm PDT

Monday 13th: Freeksterr 7pm - 11pm (pdt)

Tuesday 21st:SyKo 4-8pm EST

Tuesday 28th:

Tuesday 14th: Prophecy 3:30pm - 5pm est

Wednesday 22nd Freeksterr 7-11 pm PDT

Wednesday 1st:SyKo 4pm-8pm EST

Wednesday 15th: SyKo 4-8pm

Thursday 23rd:SyKo 4-8pm EST

Thursday 2nd: Freeksterr 2-6 PDT

Thursday 16th: Stance 4-9pm

Friday 24th: Freeksterr 2-7 PDT

Friday 3rd: SyKo 4-8pm EST

Friday 17th:SyKo 9am-4pmEST

Freeksterr 5-9pm (PDT)

Saturday 25th: Stance 4-10 PM EST

Saturday 4th: Freeksterr 11-2 PDT

Saturday 18th: Stance 4-10pm

Norris 11-3 pm Prophecy 3pm - 6pm est

Sunday 26th: Freeksterr 7-10 pm PDT

Sunday 5th: Stance 4-10pm

Sunday 19th:

Norris 10 - 1 pm






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