TopicDo this to get your HP Envy printer offline to online!

  • Tue 1st Dec 2020 - 8:56am

    It can be quite a task to get your HP Envy printer offline to online if you don’t know how to do it but there is nothing to worry about as we are here to help you out. There are a number of things that you can do in order to get it back online. They are:


    Check whether the printer is turned on


    · If you are unable to turn the printer on then make it a point to check if it is connected to a power source and the electricity plug is plugged in or not


    · If you witness a blank screen on the HP envy printer then it might be off. Your printer could be in sleep mode so you can wake up your printer and then try to turn it on once it is no more in the sleep mode


    · There could be a possibility that the printer is on but due to some error it shows off. In that case, you check the LCD screen for any errors like paper jam or low ink level.


    Check if the HP envy printer is set as default or not


    · Press the Windows and R key on the keyboard to open ‘Run’ and open the control panel by hitting ‘enter’


    · Choose ‘Hardware and Sound’ and then navigate to ‘Devices and Printers’


    · Make sure that the printer has a green checkmark right next to it


    Check the connection between the printer and the laptop


    · Make it a point to see that there is a proper connection between the two machines or you won’t be able to print.


    These steps will surely help you to get the HP Envy printer offline to online and if not then you can connect with us.


    HP Envy printer offline

  • Sat 5th Dec 2020 - 7:12am

    This was really amazing that the offline issues had been resolved with the help of the steps that you have shared here. Thank you so much for sharing. the page here It was very easy for me to do this with the steps.

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